Paintless dent repair is an option for minor repairs to your car. It uses the memory of metal, which returns to its original shape when stretched. If the dent is large, it can stretch the metal, resulting in cracking paint. Using a laser, paintless dent repair can fix this issue. You can pay for it out of pocket, or you can use your insurance coverage to pay for the repair.

Paintless Dent Repair

Small dents can also occur during collisions. Vehicles bump into each other, causing dents. If another vehicle is at fault, its paint will rub off on the dented part of your car. Paintless dent repair can repair these dings, and the damaged panel can be repainted. This technique also reduces the need for body filler. If you have a minor ding, you can opt for this procedure.

You can even opt for paintless dent repair if your dent is caused by a sporting accident. This is especially true during spring and summer sports seasons. Baseballs, soccer balls, and golf balls can all cause dents on your car. However, paintless dent repair will be able to fix any of these dents. Regardless of how the dent occurred, you can have it repaired with a paintless dent repair.